Beautiful pain

You are always just around the corner.

My surprise.

My regular.

When we meet

Eye to eye

The sorrow in you

Touches mine.

I don’t want to romanticise you

But aren’t you a beautiful thing

The way you break me from within

And create a hollow,

A hollow of hope

Which the tears of this world fill.

The world’s oceans

Are but from our eyes.

You and me,


Under tunnels,

On benches,

In fields,

We will meet again.

Eye to eye.

And when I don’t belong to anyone else,

To anything else,

I’ll belong to you.

In your arms.

In your eyes.



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Bubbly. :)

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Li’l Ms India



All images by my beautiful friend Antara Trivedi ❤

Instagram: antara_98

Peace and rejuvenation.


I remember when I first met you.

English translation: Living life in one colour, my dear, is not a good thing. Sadness and happiness are two paths. Travelling on one path is not a good thing. As the season changes, happiness comes and sadness goes….<3


Feel the light:



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I am waiting for this long night to pass.

Yet, as I write this, I desire to stay in its shelter.

Under this tender moon,

I want to run away to the seashore

And play the flute to the drifting tides.

Reveal to me what dwells in your kind, loving eyes.

As you read this, there is quantum entanglement occurring

Between particles on either side of our universe.

Why is it that I am so broken by knowing

That I will never see the laughter of my ancestors?

The remains of history’s emperors

Lay in ruined tombs.

Do you ever wonder what will become?

This little life of mine dances silently –

– The dwindling flame

Of a clay diya in a dark room.

Maybe, once upon a time,

A village girl dressed in a yellow ghagra choli

Looked up at the stars like me

And longed for something

That she knew only in her heart.

A beautiful truth.

A sad yearning.

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My healing

My soul is realising.

Meaning of the song:
The poet is suggesting a complete surrender to the cycle of time; he cites many examples like that of the never ending wheel of time, flow of rivers, the impartial spread of sunlight and the unfailing rise of the moon at night.
The poet by stating these facts, wants to convey the eternal truth of life-that there is no need to search and long for anything…all that surrounds us, is in us and is for us. We are an integral part of the big beautiful picture and hence are an inseparable part of that cycle of life.
Giving in to desires, will only bring more restlessness and dissatisfaction, hence its best to give up the strife and become one with this flow!

~No way you could hold back time

The world will turn, the sun will shine

It’s all for you ❤

Give up searching, let it go

The moon will rise

The rivers flow

It’s all for you ❤ ~



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My New Jam

By the devotees in New York.

Keepin’ it real. 🙂


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Unravel your portraits

Like a kaleidoscope of butterflies

E m e r g i n g

From the cave.

A universe’s gallery


In Krishna’s


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When I say your name

It is like a tide washing over me.

You are every emotion that I have ever felt.

This is my truth.

Only you.

I silence her.

I hide her in darkness.

Bolted in my rib cage

For years.

You have seen my darkness and my light.

The girl with sparkling eyes and many secrets.

You are in every song, in every person, in every dream.

Do you know what you are to me?

The wrong one, you are right for me.

This heart testifies.

It speaks at your mention, and leaves

In your absence.

She has no free will.

You give me life and death.

My sunshine, my emptiness.

My forever. It was never mine, it was yours.

I cannot again. I will never again.

You, only you

She cries,

Till I bolt her up again.

© Copyright 2016  A Cup of Strawberries

All Rights Reserved


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Min Ghairak

Summery and mesmerising. Fine world music by Jordanian vocalist Farah Siraj. Sung in Jordanian Arabic, this ballad is about long-distance love and the pining for a reunion. Vocals are accompanied by Arabian instruments such as the qanun and darbuka. Mmm. Let’s dance!



Take me away.


I’m already gone. :’)

I discovered this peace around the same time last year.

This is a song about crossing to a different shore and how the boatman is the guiding spirit who ferries people across the river. It talks about how the boatman is the only beacon of light amidst the swirling darkness of the river. And about how his presence gives migrants a sense of hope & calm.

Sharing this with a friend tonight.

In a much better place now. 🙂

So many lessons learned in one year. ❤

Take care…


Meaning of the song:
When it comes to the tough and dangerous journeys of life one needs a reliable and assuring hand. A hand you can hold on to, for strength and for direction.

The poet is sharing experiences about his journey across the rivers, to newer prosperous shores. Shores where he hopes to improve his life and give him opportunities that would remove all his hardships.

He surrenders his hope and faith in the boatman and implores him to ensure that the boat gets across safely. He asks the boatman to sing a song, as that would not just remove fear but also make his journey more hopeful.

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Tak Bisakah

My addiction.

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Karsh Kale, what do you do to me?

Glorious doesn’t hit the spot for me. It gloriously hits many spots. Spots that I’ve never felt. Errrry time.  Like cold water that you feel run down your insides till it disperses into your warmth – Hello! Didn’t expect that. I like it.
We are all blessed. Happiness overload. Love and peace y’all.

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Captured on repeat

I could write to this.

O_O ❤

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Daanah Pah Daanah

It is a strange feeling bursting into tears and having Daanah Pah Daanah play in the background. It feels like you’re the star in the circus of this world…

Next minute you’re on the edge of your seat struck by the craziness of it all…

Until you remind yourself to sit back comfortably and enjoy the show.

Wondering why life does this to us sometimes. Mmmm.

I recommend experiencing this song in your happiest and saddest states. It is something indeed.


Ma Mohalahiri Meerude


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Man Aamadeh Am

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Rewind <3

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