On the bus

This world isn’t real.

I see now, these people walking along the street


Or pacing

Upon each square of cement

Pairs of eyes

Conscious beings.

Yet this make up is just that,

Make up

Covering what lies beneath.

It’s all a big illusion, folks.

There is no disconnect

Between the paradise in your mind’s eye

And what you manifest in your present reality.

So always remain happy

How do you do that?

You must be filled with love at every waking moment.

How do you do that?

Do you feel stuck in the motions? Life has made you its punching bag.

You only get 4 weeks vacation.

There isn’t enough time to recover between each blow of each day.

I know that letting it fester won’t get you any help.

It’s a trap.

Telling yourself to ‘surrender and let go’ isn’t as simple as that.

There are techniques.

To start,

You need to take back your control.

To take back your control,

You need to be in the present.

Focus on every breath that fills your lungs,

With each deep breath, inhale sweet gratitude,

Even if it’s for the ground beneath your feet

And the fluid inside your ears

Balance is such a gift.

A miraculous high awaits you, if you continue.


Remember, that just a pinch of turmeric is enough to transform your dish into a spritey yellow.

Every breath, every moment, you are born again. Erase the past with every exhalation. It’s done, dusted, over, gone forever. It will never come back to haunt you, stop inviting it over. 😉

I really have nothing much to say on the every-day. Everything is either miraculous, exciting or adventurous (refer to previous post, I am still just a baby at heart).

The world needs this. I see many people lost. I want to brighten your day.

If you are like me, wondering what wonderful gift we can share with everyone – and I mean everyone-

Here is the secret:

A smile.

Everyone! Rich or poor, tall or short, young or old, from Brazil to Adelaide

Give away a smile.

After all, we are all just babies born into this world.

A baby responds to a smile – it’s natural.

Only very few people know what’s really going on.

And that’s okay. Things are going exactly as they should be.

We should be there to reassure others of this fact.

A smile is reassuring. A smile is connecting.

The smile signifies

“We are all in this together.”

That is what it does.

Smile at everyone you meet. Genuine and from the heart. Give it away, give it away for no rhyme or reason but for gratitude for the eternal sunshine that is within you.

Everything is miraculous, exciting or adventurous.

Even when things go wrong – it’s exciting.

Just don’t let the boss hear that 😉


I’m sad
and sweating because it’s too hot.

Correction* I was sad…my sadness is dissolving.

I decided to check my drafts.

And I found this post.

It made me feel light.

I hope it made you feel light too.

Let’s reconnect with love and put away the junk.

Refresh. Shower. Come alive again.

I love you.

The trauma is there. It may come back to haunt you.

For those neglected parts of yourself, you must revisit it and be gentle on yourself, on your wounds. Give those parts of you the tender loving care and affection it deserves. And then come back into the present. When you come back into the present, focus and go for what makes you happy. Healing takes time. Multiple visits on separate occasions… Possibly over years and years. Let it flow as it should.

Be blessed.

Take care.

Aham Prema

I am divine love

You are divine love.



© Copyright 2016  A Cup of Strawberries

All Rights Reserved

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  1. nice.. 😉


    • Thank you 🙂


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