Morning sun,

Like butter melting, spreading on a black pan,

Seeping through the windows.

Giant leaves blow outside,

Their shadows dabbling in

Rays of golden jelly on my cream wall.

I spend several seconds squinting,

For the perfect moment

When my lashes diffract the light

Into a perfect rainbow.

I am sinking in a bed of baked custard.

My heart is all

Apricots and honey

Tangoing in close embrace…

Peeled and bronzed

Tangerines in glass jars

Sit on the windowsill,

Next to the plastic dinosaurs.

Silver waterfall-earrings, glinting,

Dangle on a cork board.

The half-painted birdhouse sits still. Glorious,

In royal shades of blue, red and shell white.

Noon sky

Like dusty pink and cream wafers.

I visit the Quiet Lake. Blue, misty, musty.

Sprouts of lavender, bark and lake weed.

I just want to be with me.

Jet black hair sprouting from my scalp.

I am good. I am gleeful.

Sunset horizon

Like a mural of splattered mango ice cream,

Before blue scrolls unravel

Night, stars and clouds.

Lights dim, curtains draw open,

Moonbeam spotlights.

And here the stage is set

For our dreams of life.

© Copyright 2016  A Cup of Strawberries

All Rights Reserved


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