My Reaction

It felt like the first day of Summer..

An early Christmas.

You were watching me.

I’ve been thinking

About you

Too much


I’m so shy..

All my poetry is written

In my eyes

Unread by yours

Of course;

The way I tossed my pair around

It’s a game of scrabble now.

I could attempt

The poker face

If only my cheeks didn’t go so red.

My good intelligence and blood supply are in dire condition.

You are gorgeous, the way you float

From person to person

Sparking conversations.

Why does it intimidate me then?

I see now

I see me in you.

I see now

What they see too


I flutter in.

A taste of my own medicine.

Once upon a time

A butterfly

Collecting pollen

Developed allergies.


I mean

I love you

-Beautiful human-butterfly-

Linger a little longer

In this garden.

Some flowers are still to bloom

Some Sai is still to come through.





© Copyright 2016  A Cup of Strawberries

All Rights Reserved


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