I am waiting for this long night to pass.

Yet, as I write this, I desire to stay in its shelter.

Under this tender moon,

I want to run away to the seashore

And play the flute to the drifting tides.

Reveal to me what dwells in your kind, loving eyes.

As you read this, there is quantum entanglement occurring

Between particles on either side of our universe.

Why is it that I am so broken by knowing

That I will never see the laughter of my ancestors?

The remains of history’s emperors

Lay in ruined tombs.

Do you ever wonder what will become?

This little life of mine dances silently –

– The dwindling flame

Of a clay diya in a dark room.

Maybe, once upon a time,

A village girl dressed in a yellow ghagra choli

Looked up at the stars like me

And longed for something

That she knew only in her heart.

A beautiful truth.

A sad yearning.

© Copyright 2016  A Cup of Strawberries

All Rights Reserved


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