Throw your hate at me and I’ll send you flowers.

Hello my beautiful huuman šŸ™‚

Meditate. Release the tension in your body. For a few, sweet moments… Just breathe deeply and exhale slowly. Listen to this authentic music that instills a sense of longing and sweetness in you:

If you feel like reading a bit after that song, here you go:

Do you sometimes feel like you got your hopes up for nothing?

That’s the best part… Let me explain.

What’s life without getting your hopes up?

That person/situation opened your eyes to the possibilities, right? It’s something to feel grateful for. šŸ™‚

I see you dwelling on the pain when your hopes are crushed… Does it stop you from trying again?

Please don’t let it. Reacting or competing with this fickle material world only adds to the suffering.

You are unlimited. Why should you react to the phases that are limited on your unlimited timeline? Breathe in deeply, exhale slowly and realise your inner truth and sweetness.
This too shall pass.

My bling sibling, it helps to let go to the flow and find present happiness if you focus on living your life with the attitude of ‘this or something better.’ Always tell yourself that. šŸ™‚

I was talking to my friend, Z, last night. I mentioned how practice in overcoming hardship reminds us of our strength. We are all strong, we just don’t acknowledge our power until we draw upon it.

Z replied: I’ve overcome a few hardships in this life but I don’t feel stronger. I feel like I’m just losing my emotions with each hardship. I just feel less.

I asked whether Z took the time to reflect and introspect.

The mind can often be a tragedy queen on ice and its opinions and how we feel are not true indicators of any situation. There’s no situation that we can’t handle, no event or circumstance where we are without a helping hand, even if it means that that support is in the form of our own inner guidance.

Everything has a solution.

Though you feel less now,

One day, it will all add up and you will find and feel plenty more. While you may be going through the pain now, just hold on until that time. It’s a cycle. Trust me, I’ve come around full circle enough to tell you. šŸ™‚

It’s indeed like doing a flip on a bar. You go down and feel uneasy, till you come back up, alive and well.

Most importantly:

Whatever happens,

Dont let anyone tell you any different. Keep safe and share your shining heart.

Dont let anyone tell you any different. Keep safe and share your shining heart.

People tell me:

“You shouldn’t share your weaknesses with others.”

“Don’t trust others, people might take advantage of your goodness.”

“You shouldn’t love so much.”

“People are going to hurt you really badly.”

Do they tell you the same? I understand we must protect ourselves… but completely categorising any heartfelt oppenness as losing our armour? Losing our defence? When did we build such high walls? šŸ™‚

What if I told you the following:

1. We all have and should strengthen and make use of our intuition. I have intuition, boundaries and limits, and guidance from a higher power. All of this protects me and it will protect you too if you so acknowledge it and trust it.

2. If we blindly listen to the messages that say that we should stop loving, We’d be just like the people who hold such beliefs; hurt, cynical and unbelieving in the magic. Closed off, we’d always be waiting for the opportunity to pounce on someone’s goodwill and find underlying motives or explanations for their kindness. Or, we’d transform into the type of people who immediately write off someone as ‘just like all the others’ if they get out-of-sync with us after a while of getting to know each other.

That’s not how I roll.

I won’t ever lose my love, hope or faith in the living creatures of this world and their goodness. I’m asking you to hold my hand and trust in the goodness with me.

It’s because I continue to love with an open heart and mind that I meet more people who prove to me that I’m right. They will show up in your life too, if you let them.

Do you know how good it feels to be genuine? To openly connect with someone who has been protecting themselves from the hate all their life?

And while IĀ  do meet people who may be manipulative or try to bring down my vibe, I just know that they don’t matter anyway. šŸ™‚

I’ll keep rising. We’ll keep rising.

Throw your hate at me and I’ll send you flowers.

Please don’t be mistaken; there’s no pain here. Only love and good vibes.

This is who I am and nothing can change me. I can’t even change myself.

Love All

Serve All

Help Ever

Hurt Never

Find and stick to those who uplift you. That’s all you need.



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