I discovered this peace around the same time last year.

This is a song about crossing to a different shore and how the boatman is the guiding spirit who ferries people across the river. It talks about how the boatman is the only beacon of light amidst the swirling darkness of the river. And about how his presence gives migrants a sense of hope & calm.

Sharing this with a friend tonight.

In a much better place now. 🙂

So many lessons learned in one year. ❤

Take care…


Meaning of the song:
When it comes to the tough and dangerous journeys of life one needs a reliable and assuring hand. A hand you can hold on to, for strength and for direction.

The poet is sharing experiences about his journey across the rivers, to newer prosperous shores. Shores where he hopes to improve his life and give him opportunities that would remove all his hardships.

He surrenders his hope and faith in the boatman and implores him to ensure that the boat gets across safely. He asks the boatman to sing a song, as that would not just remove fear but also make his journey more hopeful.

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