Enchanting Rain

Candied ginger melting in my mouth. Brown, spicy sweet.

One open window to one big world,

Time is at my feet.

Fresh viridian green leaves, enchanting in the rain.

White lightning flashes melting the sky,

Blue bird sheltered in a tree.

Wet strings connecting the intangible heavens

To dry dirt that covers earth’s bosom.

The glow of green, a magnificent colour:

Dark, alluring shades mixed with

  Tart green apple.

I wonder, what lies in the middle of leafy wraps on the tops of trees?

Never touched by warm fingers,

Nor glanced at for longer than a flick of a wandering eye.

What does the eagle feel as she watches from above,

A silver drizzle turn everything glistening green?

And the chirping birds that stop singing before the shower,

What tension do they feel in their hearts and throats?

The lone crow that moves through the skies,

What strength does it feel in its beating black wing?

How far is its destination? Is it as far as mine?

What is its aim at this moment? What occupies its mind?

Wet leaves delivering trickles at different speeds,

Daredevil ants venturing gingerly..

Rain, rain!

Seep into my veins.

Tell me your story this rainy day.

How many miles have you stretched and soaked?

How many lotuses have you embraced in dew on blue mornings?

How many of your drops have splattered over thorns and red tongues,

And mixed into the saliva of a young child’s gaping red mouth?

What is it like to bounce off a wasp’s wing?

And to collect like pearls on a spider’s web?

I wonder, rain,

You are so free in nature…

I want to drink you up,

Dance in you,

Become you.

I want to touch every object in nature as you do.

I want to glide down the backs of squirrels,

To know the tears of a man who cries in yours.

Each moment is new with your music



You extinguish the slow burn of nature’s anxiety,

Rise from its ashes, black smoke

And take rebirth,

Silver liquid of life.

You are settling now,

Another cycle almost over.

Seeing your ferocity makes me calm.

Seeing you gentle now, I am charmed.

I beg you, however, please keep raining,

For, without you, each moment I dwell in longing.


© Copyright 2016  A Cup of Strawberries

All Rights Reserved



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