Wuthering winds wander,

Through a frosty valley freckled

With winter cherry blossoms.

The winds whisper wanderlust words

Under their breath

Seasoned with summer’s delight.

I surrender and fall

Like a feather,

With peachy cherry blossoms –


Pink snowflakes,

Flitting into

The beating river.

A sea of dashing flamingoes,

Clustering into a sakura carpet

Then gracefully splitting,

Petal by petal.

 Soft, sunset pink

Whisked away

Through icy rivulets…

She is tracing her roots,

A lineage through love.

The roots that have twisted into her heart

And not around her family tree.

Through the icy rivers

She flows,

Blood red through blue veins,

Traveling to that elusive destination.

Once upon a time,

A cherry blossom in a beating river

Turned into Jasmine on a rippling magic carpet.

She drifted away, to the beat of her heart

To a whole new world…


A wallflower turned rebelle fleur,

She desires to blossom in the forbidden.

She will kiss the Amazon opal, make him blush her colour.

Her riotous red-pink will flare like lightning

In the spicy thunderstorm air of a wet Kerala monsoon.

And then, one fine day,

Her ephemeral heart will proclaim its dying wish:

To bask in the eternity of love before she

Lay down for good

  A cherry blossom wreath.

So it shall be,

Petite, pale pink, pretty,

In a crowd of bachelorette blossoms will she be,

Watching down from her sakura tree,

In lands where men haunted by love

Sing to their lovers a geet.

The lover a lucky flower, his voice sweet nectar:

Bibi sanam jaanam, anaar-i seestaanam…

Adored lady, my love, my (sweet) Sistani pomegranate…

She travelled around the world

Of her heart and

 Somehow, entered it.

And here,

She will surrender and fall

In love, to death,

Flitting into

The beating river.


© Copyright 2016  A Cup of Strawberries

All Rights Reserved

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