Real Talk

Was listening to a few oldies! When I played Freestyler though, I was reading through the comments section and read the realest comment ever by a Youtube member called Silent Watcher:

When i listened to this song. a few years ago, some really deep memories came up. Memories of my childhood. I remembered my siblings listening to this song. This was the shit back in days. 90s and the early 2000s was the best era. I was born in 98 but i want to be called a 90s kid. I lived all the good stuff of the 90s and the early 2000s rocked as well. Then everything was gold. Kids were happy. Music was perfect and catchy. Gaming was in its beggining and it was perfect. With ps1 and ps2 times were great. Also sports were better. Football was meaningful and footballers were playing with passion and not for money. We could entertain ourselves with many ways. The shit was good back in the days. After the internet revolution something has changed. Today’s kids are way different. I dont say the world shouldn’t change. But the previous generation was much better. Nostalgia is strong with this one. I think everyone who lived in the 90s is lucky. Even europe was more united than now( i am not sure about that but i am guessing). I wishsl i could live more in the 90s but having lived the end of it, i feel blessed. Thumbs up for the 90s kids, who were watching the good stuff on the TV, who were crying bc were falling down injuring themseves while playing with the kids of the hood or bc their brother wouldnt let them play some ps. Thumbs up for the good old animations movies, anime and cartoons. We were truly living back then. Sorry for the long comment. FREESTYLER…RAKAMAKAFON.

Dang. So true. So true. The internet has changed us forever. And it hurts. Hmm.


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