To Mr de La Haye

So many of us have hard knots tied in our hearts and minds.

They seem impossible to untie by you or another.

No one can figure out the puzzle of their own knots. Who tied them? When? How?

But some special people with special hearts see through the twists and turns.

They can untie a few of your own knots for you. Those knots you only rolled between your fingers and never found a loose end to. Those knots that you give up on…

And that untying capability, that effort, and the result, is like a deep breath of fresh air.

Filling yet lightening. Resolving and relieving.

Perhaps, unknowingly, this act of kindness loosens some knots of their own.

Bringing us all one string – long or short – closer,

To that final destination.

From a turtle to a bumble bee again~

Your words of inspiration and comfort help me see myself through your eyes. A unique and special perception. Thank you for this wonderful view.

Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart, Mr D. 

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All Rights Reserved

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  1. I was looking for some relaxation and saw this.Good work.its a privilege to have such wonderful gurus like Mr De LA haye.Reminded me of my teachers.


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