Hmmmm. How you feeling?

I now officially confirm what I have known for at least a decade: I have 100% faith in music. 🙂 It is one of the things that is forever fresh and consistent in my life..Something that I can count on till the day that I die.

I am also very, very grateful that my arms are long enough for me to hug myself when I cry. These arms hold me, and I feel myself both offering comfort and being comforted, parcelled with the unique and wonderful feeling of being 100% understood. No one can offer that to you but yourself.

So stretch those arms around you and go for that bear hug! No harm in trying.
Let the music penetrate and take you to a different place. I could compare the experience  of going to my music-safe haven to jumping on a trampoline. The music, vibrations, beats all spring a buoyancy in me to bounce back from the sticky mess I jump into from time to time.

Hope this helps.

Lots of Love

Sai Laxmy

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