Dances with Peacocks

A twilight molten sun peers through the canopy as I venture into the dusky green town, rifle in hand. Everything is silent, silently alive. I feel the moist caked earth crumbling beneath my feet with every step I take, exposing the wriggling worms that thrive in the squishy mud. Prickly sweat glues my shirt to the cooked bacon underneath. The sultry day whimpers a solemn goodbye after steaming this part of the earth. Vines of black bleed into the green life, as if one dunked everything in exquisite chocolate and wrapped each sweet in silvery moonlight toffee wrappers.

Fangs clipped to the stems of prickly shrubs sprawl over the area. A dry musty smell of aromatic buds on poisonous greens and tropical trees whisk through the humid air. Splendid logs of bark branch out into networks. The way their leaves rustle make me uneasy. I feel as if they are whispering secrets to one another, as if they know who I am and why I am here. Up high on the giant trees, from where the birds chirp adieu, nests sit delicately on slender balconies that offer the best views. Somewhere up there, eggs sit like dumplings, huddled together in the safety of their stick woven homes.

I walk deeper into the caving green, now carpeted with an abundance of crunchy foliage. The ground feels damper as I take an untravelled path. A nutty squirrel races between my legs in a mad dash to her safe haven drey from where other furry faces look out with anxious eyes. I stop and observe their heads bobbing up in turns, scanning for a few seconds the strange giant they see before them. I am brought back to the present as a call resonates through the forest and into my ears, a bittersweet call that I tread towards…

Surrounded by short bushes I spot my prize, strutting from side to side. A soft peachy sun-beam dribbles on leaves like green napkins and soon-to-blossom crinkled buds. I swiftly hold my rifle into position and load two glistening gold pellets. All of a sudden I hear a distinct rustling nearby and cautiously watch as a large dull-brown peahen shuffles into view. She stands next to the royal blue bird, pecking at the dirt, her gaze gently sailing towards her courter in aqua.

Suddenly a high pitched scream pierces my soul. I look down instantly only to see a rifle that is yet to be fired. Looking back up, I find myself gazing at a wave that rises from the blue bachelor. With a rippling side-to-side shimmy a train of blazing gold, cobalt blue and bronze opens and spreads like a fan, painting a new horizon. I stand electrified as strokes of brown feather hairs are speckled with magnificent turquoise blush. A galaxy of black eyes smeared with aqua and brass brilliance glare at me. Swaying in the cool wind, the peacock a black pearl, with his crest a shell, starts to dance.

Fanning his brown tail in a rhythmic desirous dance for the peahen that pecks at seeds nearby, he shakes his golden plumage and flutters his brown tail, exhibiting an exotic call of attraction. The epitome of beauty and royalty, the crowned emerald bird displays desires that can only be conveyed through his rhythmic steps. Wings swell and flutter in the waves of the wind. His long slender neck twists to spill sweet words to an unbothered bird. I crouch down and disarm myself. My eyes peeled at nothing but the fireworks that explode from the prancing peacock. I am overwhelmed by its majestic beauty, and somewhere in between the hunter in me surrenders and a human emerges.

Soaring into the sky the peahen and peacock take flight, free birds beating their luminous wings with vivacious life, to live another day and to dance another dance. As I stand still, feasting my eyes on their flight, my heart takes wing and flies for the joy and celebration of life. I begin to feel a kinship with all the creatures that share this beautiful planet with me.




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  1. Such a wonderful piece of writing molu!Amazing imagery!


  2. Omg
    u are such a wonderful poet!!!!!


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