Musical snippets of my life (1)

The only timeline I have of my life, is a musical one. My most beautiful experiences are vividly accompanied by the music that befriended me at that time. Snippets of many ‘first times’ that a chord struck my heart, are forever in me. They have impinged upon my mind, carved a seat into my memory. Music affects me strangely. I have stitched a feeling to each note, and hence a song brings up a reservoir of my feelings. The memories can be visual, emotional, spiritual, and sweetly exhilarating. I love to visit these memories, these deep wells of secrets, and drown in them. I come back up with a deeper sense of understanding of this world around me. My universe is ultimately defined by music. It’s magic defines my boundaries. Life is, after all, a bittersweet symphony:


This used to be one of my long lost songs, that had left a deep impression on me, probably many years ago when I first heard it. It was that lucky, blustery day, that I found it again while on my way back to school from spec, in Renee’s car. It was a stressful time, when I was contemplating whether I should be doing spec as a fifth subject, on top of my other 4 year-12 subject course-load.  I didn’t (and still don’t) know whether I want to solely pursue my beloved physics. Ms L (my physics teacher) is my inspiration and role model, and I hope to grow up and be just like her, but I can’t get myself to narrow my career options down. I love learning about the mysteries of this universe, but I also love the brain, I love the eyes, I want to incorporate physics, math, chemistry, biology, psychology, English, history, music, …, i.e. everything, into what I do. Now that I think of it, it’s quite ironic that my young, seven-year-old self used to reply to the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” with “an actress, singer, dancer,  author, scientist, poet, doctor, astronaut…”.

Nothing has changed.

Any who, thank you for turning on the radio that day, Renee. ❤


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