Remember not to procrastinate.

Why do we forget ourselves?

I am not me when I step out of through front door. I forget who I am. And when I get back home, and settle in, and remember.. I tap into who I really am, and it brings me peace.

I reckon I should do that more often.

Perhaps in a social setting one is more concerned for others than for oneself. I need me time, alone time – to getaway from the unimportant things that life brings me in contact with – so I engage in self awareness for my happiness and well being.


When I am at school, I simply forget. I forget that I have lived in several different countries, marched, sung, danced, modelled, painted, cried, laughed, skipped.. Loved…

Maybe this whole thought combined with my sudden enthusiasm to publish something (that isn’t even a memory) was just another way to procrastinate.

My English homework is sitting on the bed, books strewn all over the place. Looks lonely.

I like to think that it wasn’t though.


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