Stream of consciousness

Butterflies, paradise. Soul stirring sensations, cave of butterflies soft as dollops of butter swimming water guilt and harmony surrender to my mind. Round and round in the sea swirl tides round and round in life happiness and joy smiles to mysteries of the unknown. The stars that explode fire inside fire fireball. Strumming guitars in caravans on the dry dusty dirt road. Escape dreams come to blunt reality.. come to what I don’t know.. Come to what should be.. come to know the value of time and how precious it may be. Yet I want to stay, still, sit, here, thinking, thinking, dreaming, dreaming of everything. desires, exploding stars.. god love life pain.. mystery.. why .. overwhelming.. Life has more than 1 side.Balance them.. find true peace.. Never. And that is the reality . Cant live superficially must swim the deep side. Need to find out what to follow.. Open up to the beauty inside or search for the same comfort in the outside.Because love is you. Love is what I feel when I see from inside. When I feel your comfort.. I am searching.Nothing is evil.. love and acceptance.. yet there are .. societies, my great-great grandmother.. What am I doing? What is the purpose.. there are many.. Yet they do not give me happiness, life is sailing by.. So many stories unheard of. God. I seem to desire the simplest things.. Everything is so perfect gravity, maths and 37 degrees.

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