The Candy Shop

Recollections of a baby blue and cream striped candy shop on Daffodil Lane drift into my mind from time to time.

Delectable blocks of fresh fudge sitting on windowsills on a sultry Sunday afternoon tempt the soul into a sweet holiday. Opening the wooden door carved ‘sweet desires’ in loopy cursive, I gleefully trot into Candy Land. The aroma of sticky candied apples and sour lemon popsicles tingle my senses. My eyeballs engulf in a large display of twisty black licorice whips and puffy pink candy floss that look like wispy clouds.

Precious mouthwatering jewels kept safe in glass jars adorn the shelves. Next to them hang frames of twinkly eyed kids with bulging, lolly-filled cheeks. Rays of sunbeam lick the lollipops, turning them into swirls of emeralds, rubies and topazes that glisten at the ends of waxy white sticks.

The taffy stretcher groans deeply as it pulls the thick glossy deliciousness into a soft sheet of glistening velvet. If only travelling down the Memory Lane of Daffodil Lane would satisfy my cravings for these divine treats.


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