If you love something, let it go…

The milky moon boat sails through the black sea tonight, and I plan to follow from Earth.

I chase after her as she rolls over and under waves of wispy cloud, my sight is slightly blurred.

I seize glimpses of milky moon boat casting her finest shimmering nets.

“Are we going pearl fishing tonight? I can spot a zillion sparkles!” I say.

I gaze above at the milk float, looking for an answer, but milky moon boat sails away.

I have walked far now, and I am nowhere near home. I wonder whether milky moon boat will turn back or keep cruising into the unknown.

I am hesitant but I must venture on.

I vow to pursue you till dawn.

O’er grassy lands I scurry, o’er crackling rocks I sprint,

No force greater can stall me, I speed away into the dim.

As night takes over, her sailboat lights up my world.

I am led into an emerald forest and confront Mother Earth’s precious girls.  Towering trunks open up into leafy, wild, aspirant branches. The lass smothers her rays of white blessings down on shrubs that reach for the stars..

I slip and dash past the bushes and branches, she is still there I believe, lurking in the fogginess.

Yet tired am I from the blisters and bruises, her voyage seems not disturbed, nor distressed nor ceaseless.

Mossy rocks under the soles of my feet, parched throat, I accept defeat.

In remorse I take a different path, wondering about a new start from the past.

 Retiring beside a misty puddle, surrounded by what seem like creatures from Bingle Bog. I croak and cry over the sting of first love, and dip my face into the pond.

My head feels heavy, my eyes red and sore, my ears hear buzzes, and my jaws release a yawn.

As I begin to fall into a slumber, a peculiar view catches my tired eyes,

For it is milk that I see in the liquid ice. I cup my hands and gulp the liquid, only to find it tastes no different. My eyes are glued to the milk in the water as I stir it around with one finger.

Ripples of milk swirl away and a white ball of cream returns again and again.

My mind returns to thoughts of this divine journey.

I see the vanilla boat in my mind, she is just as marvellous in the midnight sky. My dearest moon boat shines brilliantly tonight, and she remains anchored to the ocean above and in my mind,

bound to my heart for all time.

If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. – Unknown


© Copyright 2013-2016  A Cup of Strawberries

All Rights Reserved

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  1. Stunning imagery! I absolutely love this!


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