The old shows

I used to be a big fan of Lizzie McGuire.

Big-big fan.

Still am.

I loved that show so much that I would never miss a day of watching it. All the crazy episodes that kept me entertained after school.. and that catchy tune. I admired Lizzie. When I was younger, I remember a few girls at school asking me why I talked so expressively (the squinting eyes, scrunched eyebrows, “omg!?”) while casually carrying on a normal everyday conversation. I realise now that it was all those Lizzie episodes.. All of Lizzie’s characteristic facial expressions caught onto me… hehehe.

Come to think of it, I miss many of the shows that used to come on TV (especially when Disney broadcast  better shows -in my opinion, compared to what’s screened these days for the li’l kids.)

That’s So Raven was also a favourite! Used to watch it religiously when I stayed in Delhi for a short period.

I feel all excited even when I hear the Bananas in Pajamas song, or when I see Postman Pat.

Thomas the Tank Engine – (the old one) etc

Excluding Disney shows, I still feel my kid-happy-bubbly feelings rising in me when I hear the Arthur theme song, or even glimpses of the used to be- Round The Twist shows that aired on in the earlier years while I was still living in Australia.

The good shows were seriously good back then.

Whether they were for babies or teens.

I watched them all!

I know I’m going to miss the few shows I watch on TV probably in the coming years, if they stop repeating them- Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends. etc

Not complaining here, the new ones are filled with wit and some are quite interesting. But the oldies had a bit more soul in them.

Though one thing remains true: 6 p.m. Simpsons – never gets old.


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