You were five and I was four 🙂

My bestest friend who lived next door!

I was extremely shy to ask you to come play with me, and for some reason I was too scared to come knock on your door.

So I would climb up the “castle,” sit on the slide and start to wave hoping you’d see me and come outside.

Remember our “I’m the king of the caasstllee” games. And how we’d find those li’l red rings around the playground and would literally wear them as rings..

Hmm.. I came to your house and borrowed your glue once! That was the first time I used a glue pen.

The way you tied up your hair was so cute! – li’l tuft of hair tied up on the top of your head hehe, so admirable. I asked my mom to do my hair like that as well 😮

Hmm, and the bhajans we would attend- I remember how we’d take turns each day to pass the vibhuti to everyone at the end.

Remember the skit we performed, based on the story of the magpie who stole a woman’s chocolate?

So many memories :S

Looking back on all this, it brings me pain, how-(after moving to Australia) my dad told me he was going to visit NZ and I didn’t come:l I really wanted to visit you, but I couldn’t leave my mom:(

He brought back a box of Roses Chocolates, and I got your message on a yellow sticky-note.

Thank you Bhagavathi it was so nice to know that you hadn’t forgotten me after so many years:)

I miss you.

The last time I heard about you, got to know that you had moved back to Sri Lanka..

I dont know where you are or how you’re doing or anything :/

……………………….. </3

..Hope you’re safe and happy though.

I will aalways love you!


Love Sai.


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