My Wonky A

When I first moved to Australia from New Zealand it was frankly really hard, and quite upsetting. I left Palmerston North, the place where I was born and along with that had to leave my best friend and neighbour- Bhagavathi, ‘our castle’ playground <3, my first (red) table-set, and my home. I was five, and wasn’t aware that I’d be shifting from place to place even years later now.

Anyway, since I was only five, I was admitted into reception (first year of primary) at a school, just walking distance from my new home in Adelaide.

On my first day of school, I wore the school uniform: a bright yellow T-shirt, blue pants, and my hair in a ponytail. I was nervous, no doubt about that haha.

There was a brightly painted ‘kids holding hands under a rainbow’ mural outside the classroom that made me smile.

So there I was dropped off at Room 01. Though I was a new student, the teacher was adamant to get down to business. A CLASS TEST- on my first day. Probably the first and worst test I ever had hehe.

So I sat down on a plastic chair in between two kids who squished me, and then I was given a sheet of paper. The teacher began the test where she would dictate each letter of the alphabet and we had to write it down. As I wrote my wonky ‘capital A’ I remember feeling anxious as she had already moved onto another letter. I couldn’t keep up as I didn’t write fast enough, nor did I recall all the letters for me to write them on my own. 😦

The test finished and I started getting teary-eyed. That’s when I found out everyone wrote in lower-case letters, not in capitals, and in pencil, not marker like what I had done.

I became distressed and cried.

After that I remember my parents meeting the teacher the next day in the morning before class, and telling them how I hadn’t learnt my ABC’s fully. I only felt relieved once the teacher said it was OK and that I would catch up soon.

Still have a photographic memory of my wonky A, and a heart filled recollection of my first day at school.

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