Grandma and I in the garden.

Jasmines, Hibiscuses, Ixora, Allspice and many other plants grow in our garden.

I have several memories relating to this place, etched in my memory because of the all the times I’ve come here for vacations and wandered about exploring.

A few years ago, when I was tiny and carry-able I came to stay with my grandmother here in Kerala.

I had come to India for the school holidays, and had started getting used to the time change, mosquitoes and the sultry weather.

My grandmother would spend most of her time with me, during the day.

She would make yummy treats for me.. -remember her making Maggi noodles!- hehe, sing lullabies to me, teach me her favourite songs, brush my hair, and tell me stories about her pleasant Law College days.. I still remember her making a cloth-cradle in her room so I could sleep there. She once showed me how to do ‘Thiruvathirakali’ (a dance performed by women in a circular pattern on the day of Thiruvathira, which is an important festival in Kerala. It is believed that on that day, Parvathi Devi finally met Lord Shiva after her long penance.)

My grandmother and I would spend a lot of time observing nature and listening to the birds chirp, on the marbled sit-out early in the mornings.

In the evenings, grandma would usually go for a walk around our garden and pick flowers to make offerings. she’d also place a few jasmines on our pillows and in my hair. I also remember sucking the sweet nectar from some flowers.

The funny thing I remember is that whenever she would go she would take me with her. But I wouldn’t be by her side, I would sit on her shoulders with my hands placed on her head and she’d slowly walk to the flowers which only I could reach up high and pick.

The reason I would place my hands on her head, was because she had told me that she was scared that a coconut may fall from above. We have plenty of coconut trees here, so I believed back then that there was a possibility of coconuts “raining” down and hence I protected her head with my hands.

Now that I am a bit older, I see maybe she said that so I wouldn’t let go or fall off while she was carrying me.

But I still remember looking up at the towering coconut trees and wondering whether they’d drop a coconut down.

Thankfully nothing like that ever happened.

And here a few years later, seated on the marbled seat with the sweet scent of jasmines around me, I admire the lush greenery, thinking about my grandma who will turn 82 this year, amidst the trees of life.


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