Wooden benches, carved with abusive stinging words.

Hatred still lives, scarred even on the dead.

Imitating the nature of a wild beast, untamed and destructive.

This insensitive fire burns a poor helpless animal of clean, pure soul.

Saffron heart of fire, undying angst with notorious distorted feelings burn this land, this home, this soul, this life.

A sore pinched heart of nothing more than survival tattoos mourns, silently.

Pouring out melancholy melodies to the deep ocean raging in it’s mind.

Cannot be washed out and cannot escape from this enclosure to a feared fate of dying through exposure to the hate of boiling inhumane blood.

Drowning with no air in this icebox called the mind. Losing hope deep inside.

Some that have melted, and are melting in this heat, build a steel mask over to protect what life remains beneath.

But this mask of steel, holds a deal,

That what shows above is cold-hearted and sealed.

And it shall be as mean and as unkind as the insensitive fire, in the beginning, and forever over time.

This block of emotion built over many souls, may help them to live an ignorant sad life,

But helps the fire on new descents, raging and destroying the more since there is no defense.

We become as blind as a bat to the cruelty that surrounds. And we ourselves are weakened and brought down.

Such sensitive and pure as thou, burns in this outrageous fast spreading bush fire.

Such disasters are said to start at the root.

Maybe just a small branch started burning from a small spark lit by a rumor.

And though it’s spirit died within this flame, and it’s ocean of sweet tune in it’s mind stirred up.

Its remains being a steely cold heart turned into hatred..

Bred and spread the flame of doom.

Enveloping other sunken hearts of sorrow to die within this serial killer of a flame.

Livening the destruction.

Such a place, I shall flee,

No place for thy or thee.

A death sentence to our sanity, still has no cure?

Amongst us, flame of hatred, spreads more and more.

Ashes we breath, of what was.

Death and life, but this place is drained of love.


© Copyright  2011-2016 A Cup of Strawberries

All Rights Reserved


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