Of The Sand and Sea

A caramelized beach,

Smokey sun scorched-peachy heat.

Multi hued, silken smooth,

Fire beads strewn across the burnt base.

A clear azure blue, strips of turquoise liquid too.

Untamed violent waves, aggressively clawing-

Striking with pace.

Bursts of fresh salt tasting air, blows across my face.

Sparkly blue border, is where my heart bathes.

Spots of debris and floating seaweed, wash across never motionless plains.

And that is when I see,

More to this story, oh how can I explain?

Fluffy white bubbles left behind,

Too slow to catch up to the fast departing tribe.

Spotty snow absorbed by the dehydrated sand,

While the waves remember the little ones, It comes clawing back again.

Nothing on this land, but soaking-up sand.

Blue shore is left in dismay, what shall I say?

An act of revenge, in a mournful state,

The waves swish some sand away from it’s place!

But Alas! With no luck, and the loss of more baby blue,

It comes crashing down – bombarding,

This speckled sandy face.

The glittery surface feels threatened,

Why is this aqua bed of water attacking?

He beckons, giants; to build sand castles in defence.

Hopefully they’ll withstand.

The fierce body of water,

Seeks no dandy compromise.

Her heart seems so clear and pure,

But has a crystallized mind.

Set in stone,



© Copyright  2010-2016 A Cup of Strawberries

All Rights Reserved


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