Lonely Miss Universe

Every night, beams of white light,

Escape through the shield of drapes.

Growing vines and glowing rods, form crystal candy canes in this in-illuminate plain.

A whisper starts from in between the trees, they rustle their leaves that starts a breeze.

Steady and slow, but turning my shiny shield from stone walls,  into soaring rippled waves.

This satin weave, hung on piercing hooks, hides me from a crowd of nocturnal beings, that don’t want me to fall asleep,

Just yet.

They have a plan, I can sense it with ease, as suddenly there’s another breeze, and something happens so suddenly that I stop and freeze –

The moon cries out from far away, as it comes out everyone’s gone away.

And it’s sad gloomy face lingers, looks around, and down, in search for a play mate.

I sometimes see it coming out early, hoping to catch a friend, gazing down slightly,

Oh but the zealous scorching sun blocks out my vision to it’s beautiful milky face.

The moon tries following us in the eve’ but it gets tired of running after each,

and slowly slips away – unseen.

To hide behind pillows of cushion clouds, resentfully.

Oh when, oh when shall I see your face? It hasn’t come out to greet me in days.

I miss your soothing gaze, that awakens me in a peaceful state.

Now finally, a snow-white milky way,

Sways in seeping through these fluttering butterfly wing drapes.

A friendly smile sailing in through my window~

I see your face, I see your face.

Oh how I longed to see your graceful angelic gaze,

Coming out, and in once again.

Luminous silver ball of dewy flame.

I see, I see.

The whispering trees,

Have set out again to seize this unwelcoming drape,  blocking out your friendly beams of shiny pearl lace.

And as this army of never-sleeping giants, step out and make nature’s miss universe  smile and feel so delighted, we praise and praise these justified majestic beings  joyfully.

Nature forms as one in the end, and as you can see,

I have got my old friends back again! 🙂



© Copyright  2010-2016 A Cup of Strawberries

All Rights Reserved


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